7 Ways Photography and Videography Boost Ecommerce Site Redesigns
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7 Ways Photography and Videography Boost Ecommerce Site Redesigns

Martick Najarzadeh Barogh
Oct 23, 2023
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Ecommerce businesses that redesign their websites are always looking for that competitive edge, and photography and videography are key. Here are seven ways great photography and videography contribute to the success of a website redesign:

  1. Visual Storytelling: High-quality visuals engage customers and explain product value better than text alone.
  2. Product Showcase: Professional photos and videos offer an immersive product experience.
  3. Building Trust: Clear visuals instill trust and boost sales.
  4. Enhancing Brand Identity: Consistent visual elements reinforce brand recognition and loyalty.
  5. Emotional Connection: Visuals evoke emotions, fostering customer retention and advocacy (both digitally and word-of-mouth).
  6. SEO Boost: Optimized images and videos improve search engine rankings and user experience.
  7. Mobile-Friendly: Responsive visuals maintain appeal across various devices.

The 7 Ways

In today's digital world of ecommerce, staying ahead of the competition is critical for ecommerce businesses. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by redesigning one’s website to offer an engaging and seamless user experience. However, a successful site redesign isn't just about aesthetics and functionality. Photography and videography play a huge role in enhancing the overall appeal and effectiveness of a website redesign. Below are the 7 key ways in which photography and videography contribute to the success of ecommerce site redesigns.

1. Visual Storytelling

The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is so true in this world of ecommerce. High-quality images and videos allow businesses to tell a compelling visual story about their products or services. Instead of relying solely on written descriptions, ecommerce websites can use photography and videography to showcase their products/services in action. This not only engages visitors but also helps them better understand the value and use of the products. An example of this from Kaged can be found below.

2. Product Showcase

Ecommerce sites are primarily about selling products, and the way these products are presented can make a world of difference. Professional product photography and videos provide customers with a detailed and immersive view of what they're buying. High-resolution images allow shoppers to zoom in and examine every detail, while videos can demonstrate product features, benefits, and how-to guides. A mix of both is highly recommended.

3. Building Trust

Trust is a crucial factor in online shopping. When visitors see clear, high-quality visuals of products and services, they are more likely to trust the website and make a purchase. Professional imagery gives the impression that the business is legitimate and takes pride in what it has to offer. This trust can translate into increased sales and conversions.

4. Enhancing Brand Identity

Photography and videography are powerful tools for conveying a brand's identity and personality. By using consistent visual elements, such as color schemes, styles, and image filters, businesses can reinforce their brand's image. This helps customers recognize and connect with the brand across various touchpoints, fostering brand loyalty. Brands that take the time to tie their brand identity to their visuals are often viewed as a higher quality brand within the market. Ultimately, having this visual consistency span across your social media and website creates a more holistic experience for your customers. 

5. Emotional Connection

Images and videos have the unique ability to evoke emotions. Whether it's showcasing a heartwarming moment in a video or using images that resonate with a target audience, visual content can create a strong emotional connection between your brand and your customers. This emotional engagement can lead to increased customer retention and referrals, both digitally (through sharing on social media) and word-of-mouth. The example below from Red Land Cotton does a great job of using photography to showcase a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their brand and what it stands for.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Visual content is not only for human audiences; search engines also value it. Optimized images and videos can improve a website's SEO rankings. To take it a step further, properly labeled and tagged media files can attract organic traffic through image and video search results. Lastly, faster-loading, well-optimized visuals can enhance the overall user experience, which is a critical factor for both SEO and CRO. Users who have to wait a while for a site to fully load will just leave, giving you no chance to capture the sale!

7. Mobile Responsiveness

With the increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping, ecommerce sites must be mobile-responsive. High-quality visuals are especially important on smaller screens, where every pixel counts. Photography and videography that adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions ensure that the website maintains its visual appeal, regardless of the device being used.

When discussing photography with clients, I always recommend that their upcoming photo shoots have a variety of types: wide, tall, offcentered, etc. This allows us to use the photos in different locations on their site, without being limited. Although Photoshop has generative expand capabilities, being prepared during the shoot ensures quality and accuracy of your photos.


Photography and videography are important components of successful ecommerce site redesigns. They contribute to visual storytelling, product showcasing, trust-building, brand identity, emotional connection, SEO, and mobile responsiveness. By investing in professional visual content, ecommerce businesses can create websites that not only look appealing but also perform exceptionally well in driving sales, revenue, traffic, and customer engagement. In the competitive world of ecommerce, the role of photography and videography cannot be underestimated; they are the visual pillars that support a brand’s online presence. So, when planning your next site redesign, remember to prioritize the power of visual storytelling through stunning imagery and videos.

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